Kvadrat Soft Cells are a company specializing in the design and production of Soft Cells, acoustic panels that improve the acoustics within any environment. These can be both structural components, but they can also be added later. In a work environment, acoustics are really important as they affect the well-being and productivity of the workers themselves, which is why Cardex recommends the use in every office in Milan and surroundings of solutions to reduce reverberation and reduce annoying noise from the city. Soft Cells are made of recyclable aluminum, which is why they are resistant, flexible and durable. There are three versions: Soft Cells Standard which offer a Class C level of sound absorption; Soft Cells Broadline that bring the acoustics to a Class A level, thanks to the acoustic panel inserted between the layers of fabric; finally, the Soft Cells Lowtone version is characterized by a fiberglass inserted between the panels that give excellent acoustic performance.
Alternatively, Kvadrat Soft Cells creates what are defined as Elements, or six modular systems that are made up of panels aimed at improving the acoustics of each room in which they are inserted, office, meeting room, relaxation area, etc.
The materials used to make the acoustic panels are recycled and recyclable and the entire production process follows all environmental regulations. Furthermore, each Soft Cells is designed and built to last over time, in fact it is not damaged by humidity or sudden changes in temperature.