Made Design is a very young Spanish company founded in 2010 as a brand that creates design accessories and decorations suitable not only for offices but also for public spaces and the home. The goal is to create products that know how to make every space tidy and clean.
All products are created in collaboration with internationally renowned designers. Baskets for separate waste collection, coat hangers, tables and acoustic panels are characterized by minimal and essential lines and are suitable to be inserted in any context. The goal is to always find a common denominator to create a relationship and cohesion between spaces.
To furnish the space in an innovative way, Adelaila is a modular shelf that allows you to transform the wall into a completely adaptable system according to your needs. The structure is made of steel and supports wooden shelves.
Biel is a nice plastic basket ideal for decorating any desk with color and personality. It is available in different colors and can be customized with the company logo.
To complete a common area or a relaxation area, Zurich baskets have been designed, available in both different sizes, ideal for separate waste collection.
An essential accessory in any office or public place is the coat hanger, essential for supporting jackets and bags, which can also become an integral element of the furniture. The Siena coat stand is characterized by its wooden structure with four hooks that also become useful signs where you can indicate the direction to reach certain places in the office or building.