MDF Italia is a Milanese company specializing in the design and production of furniture and which has always aimed to create simple, essential elements characterized by a quality design. The collection, signed by famous designers, offers furnishings with great aesthetic rigor that integrate creativity, innovation and technology, with the aim of creating emotional, silent and surprising products.

The brand's design adapts perfectly to the most dynamic environments, such as offices, where simplicity, innovation and comfort are fundamental characteristics for a stimulating and harmonious environment. The MDF Italia chairs and desks for the office are the result of careful research on materials that leads to furniture with a high quality standard, a perfect combination of shapes and colors and perfectly in line with the needs of the professional spaces in which are inserted.

An example is the 20.Venti desk, a compact and elegant system that revisits ancient writing desks in a modern key. The steel structure is very light and integrates a structural channel useful for inserting cables. In addition to the single variant, shared 2 and 4-seater workstations are available, characterized by a sound-absorbing partition screen that can be lowered if necessary to facilitate conversations and group work.