"In a time where everything is voted to age quickly, there are products designed to withstand time following a line of continuity with previous families and innovating with grace".

Pedrali has been producing furniture with a contemporary design since 1963 designed for both the home and the contract sector. The company best represents contemporary industrial design thanks to its passion and meticulous research for the most advanced machinery: a true Italian production philosophy capable of innovating the past while maintaining the attention and meticulousness typical of the craftsman. To these elements of success is added the collaboration with important and designers who consecrates the brand and also brings the victory of the Compasso d'Oro with the Frida chair.

Metal, Plastic and Wood are the main materials with which Pedrali tables, chairs, stools are created. The key to creating a sustainable product is to create a lasting product that doesn't have to be disposed of and bought back again. In addition, the entire production process has been rationalized to reduce the consumption of raw materials, reuse waste and reduce emissions. Pedrali plastic products are completely recyclable and eco-compatible. In 2017, the use of water-based paints and plant-derived resins was introduced to improve air health and avoid greater environmental impact.

Ideal to be placed in offices, waiting rooms and common areas is the Babila chair, a series of seats all characterized by an innovative, light design that winks at tradition. Another prominent model is Malmö, which stands out for its thickened structure on which rests the seat shell made of ash wood and also available in an upholstered version, upholstered in fabric or leather. The Noa chair combines comfort and elegance, thanks to its essential polycarbonate structure. The series consists of seats with different bases, with four or five spokes, with wheels, with and without armrests. To furnish a waiting room or a public place, Plural is ideal, a multiple customizable seat in which USB kits are inserted. An element of fundamental importance in the workplace is certainly the table, Pedrali's Arki-Table will prove to be a perfect choice for open space environments where it is usual to create shared workstations. The design is a modern reinterpretation of the worktops that were characterized by the trestle legs, here proposed in steel. A linear and versatile structure, easily adaptable to any context.