Sedus is a German company specializing in the production of office furniture and is recognized for its continuous innovations in the field of ergonomics, design and sustainability that have increasingly raised world standards. Every area of ​​the working environment, from the single office to open spaces, Sedus furnishes offices in a modern style with solid and structured furniture elements, capable of responding to contemporary working needs. Contemporaneity requires flexible environments, with a great aesthetic impact and able to stimulate productivity, for this reason each product is intelligent and designed to be suitable in every situation: concentration, collaboration, conversation or relaxation.

Cardex is a reseller of Sedus Ergonomic Chairs in Milan. You can choose from the most avant-garde models such as Se: flex, suitable for being placed in shared environments given its automatic adjustment based on weight; or Se: Motion, a dynamic swivel seat featuring a comfortable and soft perforated backrest; finally Se: Joy stands out for its light and young aesthetics, ideal for dynamic environments where it is essential to have a comfortable chair that is always on the move.

Sedus tables are places of inspiration and are designed to encourage collaboration between colleagues and productivity. Many tables are also equipped with accessories to better organize the workstation and make it more personalized. Cardex offers the complete catalog of Sedus office tables in Milan where you can choose between single desks or multi-station work tables.