“A start-up with 40 years of experience”, is how Sitland defines itself, a Vicenza-based company founded in 1977 that has become the first national manufacturer specializing in office chairs and collective spaces. The elements on which Sitland's philosophy is based are passion, commitment, creativity, research, design and technology, all elements that guarantee a unique and high quality product. A production process that uses state-of-the-art technologies is flanked by highly skilled craftsmanship processes that take care of every detail, from the choice of coatings, to finishes, up to the workmanship.

Cardex designs offices in Milan by collaborating with companies of international importance in the sector, just like Sitland, which offers products with a refined but extremely functional design that can be summarized in the combination of ergonomics and design. The catalog is full of office chairs of all kinds, created to meet every need: executive chairs, office chairs, chairs for meeting rooms, each model is flexible and adaptable to any environment. Evergreen and classic models characterized by aluminum structures and leather upholstery, are flanked by ergonomic seats, ideal for those who spend many hours sitting in front of the computer. Movement materials are carefully designed to ensure maximum comfort and wear resistance. In the extensive Sitland catalog available from Cardex in Milan, you will also find different chair solutions for waiting rooms, characterized by a linear, simple and light design. Everything is characterized by an intelligent, innovative, useful and attractive design: seats designed to interpret every taste and space requirement.

Team Strike represents the ideal office chair, capable of synchronizing and adjusting the inclination of the seat in five different positions. Available both as an executive chair and as a managerial chair, Team Strike has been designed to ensure maximum lumbar support and minimize muscle fatigue during working hours. Another very popular seat of the Sitland brand is Leaf, an operational chair whose ergonomics are inspired by the ribs of the leaves, this guarantees great adaptability to posture and therefore superior comfort. To complete the furnishing of common areas and places open to the public, the Cell collection represents an elegant and functional choice. Armchairs, sofas and chairs are adaptable to any space thanks to the different finishes and colors available. Complementary to any proposal of the brand is the UseMe coffee table which, thanks to its minimalist design and its small dimensions, can be easily moved and tilted to allow a more comfortable reading and to optimize space once it is no longer in use.