Founded in 1989 as a family business, Arper has become one of the most important international brands in the production of chairs, tables and furnishing accessories for the community, work and home.
By combining form and function, the company's approach translates into an immediate, linear, accessible design, oriented towards aesthetics and usability. Arper's design idea has developed over the years starting from six founding concepts: Balance, Family, Intuition, Lightness, Color, Play.

The collections are characterized by a sober design and a high level of comfort, both resulting from a careful study of materials and ergonomics. Thanks to the infinite number of possible configurations and the wide range of finishes in the catalog, Arper office furniture can satisfy any design requirement.

One of the most famous collections is definitely Catifa (Catifa seat for meetings and visitors, Catifa 46 conference room chair, Catifa 80 lounge chair, Catifa 46 stool), several chairs united by the shape of the harmonious and essential seat. The lines perfectly follow the figure making it comfortable and refined. By combining different finishes with different bases, this chair can take on the most varied declinations, proving to be suitable in different contexts, residential and contract.
The Cila chair (Cila, Cila Go, Cila Go Stool for meetings and visitors) with its enveloping backrest, becomes a real refuge, comfortable and universal. A simple and fluid figure that differs from the other proposals for its unusual curves.

As for the operative chairs, Kinesit is the first that Arper has created, and is characterized by a light, minimal design but still capable of satisfying all the needs that an office chair requires: height adjustment, lumbar support and armrests. adjustable.

Arper tables, like all their products, stand out for their minimal design, aimed at functionality and lightness. Cross, thanks to its modularity and its generous dimensions, will prove to be perfect for meeting rooms or as a shared workstation. Nuur, on the other hand, is a table whose single top ends with four legs. A light and pure project suitable to be inserted in the most diverse environments.

To make a waiting area, an office or your living room more welcoming, the Colina armchair could be the ideal choice. The seat is elegant, soft and welcoming. Available in different shapes and finishes, it is capable of giving a more relaxed and modern look to the space in which it is inserted. If you want to create a more informal and youthful environment, the Pix poufs are colorful, voluminous and soft and will prove to be ideal for furnishing both indoor and outdoor spaces in a dynamic way.

To ensure a more peaceful and productive workspace, Arper dedicates part of its production to the creation of Sound Absorbing Panels such as Paravan, a panel capable of dividing shared spaces by creating small, more intimate areas where you can have a call, a conversation or simply where to work. undisturbed. Alternatively, Parentesit is a collection of modular wall-mounted sound-absorbing panels, ideal for use in open-plan offices to reduce reverberation and promote concentration.