Naughtone is an English company that has been producing 100% original furnishings since 2005: chairs, tables and furniture are created to respond to the most varied demands of the market thanks to the large number of finishes and colors with which each product can be declined. The company is very attentive to the social and environmental impact of its production, in fact its virtuous practices have been recognized with various certifications including HPDs. In 2016 Naughtone begins a strategic collaboration with the famous Herman Miller brand with the aim of increasing its growth globally. The intent of the brand is to maintain a minimum environmental impact and for this reason it relies on the big brand for support in production at an international level. In 2019, Herman Miller acquires all the shares of Naughtone, which however remains an independent brand within the group. Busby is the flagship product of the brand, a very comfortable workstation to be placed in open space offices where employees can isolate themselves to work undisturbed or hold meetings and calls. This is possible thanks to the sound-absorbing coating that absorbs noise from the outside and avoids reverberation. Pullman is a range of seats that is characterized by a high backrest capable of creating a private space for relaxation or a work area thanks to the integrated table, where you can make calls or hold conversations with colleagues. Viv Highback is a simple but very comfortable office chair, which gives a feeling of constant support during all hours of work. The Hush armchair is inspired by the past, responding perfectly to the demands of today's customers. The shape of the backrest gives such comfort that it can be defined as a real corner where to take refuge and relax during work breaks. Fold is an office table ideal for those who want a minimal and elegant furniture. The surface is completely customizable while the structure is in steel finished with a resistant layer of polyester.