Blumohito is a very young brand that has been creating scenographic installations for interiors since 2009 using two basic natural elements, namely water and vegetation. All creations are made using innovative techniques and careful manual skill for a unique and exclusive result. Each project is designed to give value to the surrounding environment and improve the livability of closed spaces that are very often full of people such as offices.

Design, nature and technology are the three elements that Blumohito inserts in each of his works, carefully studied according to the needs of each office and designed to be extremely easy to manage over time.
The water paintings are composed of a small scenographic waterfall that flows along ceramic surfaces on the wall or on the ground and favors the maintenance of the correct percentage of humidity, absorbs odors and filters the dust suspended in the air.
The plant walls are real natural micro landscapes capable of purifying the air, muffling noise thanks to their sound-absorbing capacity and favoring the thermoregulation of the entire environment in which they are inserted.
All these works are made entirely in Italy and can be configured according to different needs: full wall, in a framework or in a self-standing solution.

Blumohito draws attention to extremely current issues such as the exhaustion of resources, energy saving, the recyclability of the various components and the psychophysical well-being of man in his workplace.