Buzzi Space is a Belgian company founded in 2007 and which offers high-performance acoustic solutions, with an original design that are ideal for use in workspaces.
With the motto "a world of silence", the company's mission is to create a workspace that promotes maximum well-being for the people who occupy it. Buzzi Space is committed to creating elements of high design value in order to furnish workspaces in a balanced and comfortable way. Each acoustic product is carefully designed to ensure maximum performance with the minimum amount of space.

In addition to attention to the final consumer, BuzziSpace also considers the way in which the materials are treated and the environmental impact of production, which is completely sustainable, of fundamental importance.

In the open space offices, finding a quiet space where to have a conversation or where to concentrate turns out to be really complicated, for this reason Buzzi Space has given life to BuzziBooth, a wooden cabin covered with a sound-absorbing panel able to completely isolate from the external environment and work. in complete silence. BuzziHub, on the other hand, is a temporary workstation designed to accommodate even more people in order to have an isolated and undisturbed conversation compared to the noise of the office. The sound-absorbing panel coverings ensure optimal acoustics by absorbing any sound, avoiding the transfer of external sound to the interior and vice versa.
If the need is to have a more dynamic intimate space, where you can have conversations with collaborators, BuzziVille recreates a space where you can work as a team with optimal acoustics and without reverberation.

For more dynamic solutions that can be easily moved from one area of ​​the office to another, BuzziScreens are panels that, like screens, can divide one area from another by isolating the sounds. Or the BuzziCube pouf is useful for furnishing relaxation areas in a young and colorful way. Thanks to their 3D coating it absorbs sounds creating perfect acoustics.

Acoustics should be an integral part of the design process of an office, especially if in the city or in a particularly noisy area, such as the city of Milan. In the event that it cannot be done in the preliminary phase, Cardex will be able to propose solutions that will profoundly improve the acoustics of your office in Milan: for every acoustic problem we will find the ideal solution for each room such as Acoustic Panels, Acoustic Lighting Systems or cards. wallpaper.