Caimi Brevetti is a leading company in the office and contract furniture sector that has always had a vocation for innovation and research, in fact during its 70 years of history it has managed to patent hundreds of products, demonstrating everything the dedication that is paid every day to create new projects.

Caimi products fully embody the concept of industrial design, serially producing modular, versatile and flexible products.
At the beginning of its history the company was specialized in the production of accessories and furnishing complements that over time became true classics, only later did it integrate its proposal with real furnishings, proposing shelving for the office, home or shops and a series of specific seats for waiting rooms.

Caimi Brevetti has increasingly oriented itself in the design of products that could increase well-being and comfort, for this reason it has begun to patent systems for acoustics such as Snowsound, a technology that is applied to sound-absorbing panels declined in different types of furnishings and accessories. for offices which have the aim of improving acoustics by reducing reverberation. They are part of the Flap, Mitesco, Blade collection.