Dieffebi is a Treviso-based company that is an international leader in the production of office, home and community furniture. The products are designed and created by studying the needs of those who will use them. This is why the solutions are modular, flexible and ergonomic, designed to favor people's lives in a fluid, productive and comfortable work environment. Dieffebi's philosophy is identified in 5 key concepts: customization, flexibility, modularity, smart working and Made in Italy.
Dieffebi is a company that is also committed to the environment by creating recyclable products that are easy to disassemble into the various components in order to simplify their disposal.
Thanks to their characteristics, desks, containers and bookcases can adapt to all environments and spaces and will be able to create offices, meeting rooms, relaxation areas, and functional and modern waiting rooms.

Echo Lockers is an innovative storage collection that goes beyond the traditional method of viewing a locker. Aesthetics and functionality come together in an ideal piece of furniture to contain, organize and furnish the space by optimizing it. The locks are programmable and manageable also from the app.
Another system is Dot Box, a modular system in steel sheet that lends itself to taking on infinite compositions. The presence of finishes both in the front and back makes it ideal to be inserted in open space environments to divide the different spaces, or as a simple system to organize the space.

Among the Dieffebi Tables, T-Share is a metal table available in different proportions, finishes and widths. Ideal to be placed inside an open space office to have a shared workstation, essential, dynamic and adaptable to different needs.