Luctra® - Perfect day light

Luctra® - Perfect day light

The earth's rotation causes two of the most reliable, predictably recurring changes in nature which have an influence on human beings: the daily alternation of light and darkness and the 24-hour variation in ambient temperature.

Every living organism on earth has adapted to these changes during the course of evolution and humans have obviously done so extremely well. Light is the strongest "timer" of this synchronisation.

The result is a system of inner clocks which controls and drives all daily variations within the body: organ activity, hormone production, response to medication and even genetic expression.

These circadian rhythms are synchronised with each other so they ensure an extremely regular process within the body including the functionality of body and mind.

The circadian system consists of multiple clocks. Each individual body cell contains its own 24-hour informa­tion schedule. The cells must be synchronised with each other in order to do the right thing in a coordinated way at any given moment. The synchronisation of the peripheral clocks is effected via a master clock located in the nucleus suprachiasmaticus (SCN) of the hypothalamus. This master clock is synchronised with the external environment via timers every day. In this context, the timers of light and darkness are of paramount importance. Experimental studies on animals and humans have shown that the extent of the biological effects of light is substantial. These findings open up a completely new perspective, since it has become obvious that, in addition to performing the visual task, artificial light has an either positive or negative influence on human performance and health.

However, in our busy lives we rarely spend a lot of time outdoors and do not expose ourselves to enough natural daylight. In the absence of natural light our circadian rhythm can become out of sync and we feel fatigued, listless and, at worst, depressed. Even seemingly brightly lit interiors are often dark from a biological point of view and are unable to control our inner clock. Biologically effective artificial light is able to remedy this deficit and stabilise our biorhythm.

Targeted changes of the light's colour during the day enhance our well-being and consequently improve our performance. LUCTRA® FLEX by DURABLE is the wireless biologically effective lighting solution for mobile working in the office or at home.

LUCTRA® is the first biologically effective LED lighting range that closely replicates natural daylight to support well-being and performance in the workplace in a targeted and effective way. Each person has an individual biological rhythm. The more closely our daily routine follows this rhythm, the better we feel and the better we perform.