OE1 BY Herman Miller

OE1 is Herman Miller's brand new system designed for new workspaces that become ever more fluid, flexible and dynamic.
With this in mind, Optimized Essential was born, a collection made up of essential elements, capable of communicating together and at the same time creating deconstructed, functional, reconfigurable environments, optimizing time and space.

The OE1 Workspace Collection creates flexible environments at different levels:
in the organizational context:
it allows the company to remodel the spaces favoring the speed of change in structures and work groups.
within the team:
follows and adapts to the dynamics of the group, which passes from individual work, to aggregative, meeting or informal work.
in the individual field:
it allows you to optimize your personal space, according to your needs, also favoring greater working efficiency.

The elements that make up the OE1 Collection differ in 12 types and offer countless configurations:

OE1 Agile Wall
Herman Miller's Agile OE1 wall is a repositionable room divider, ideal for creating temporary and dynamic environments.
Like an architectural backdrop, within an open space, it quickly redefines spaces for meetings or group work sessions. It is available with shelves, writable surfaces and integrated technology.

Micro Packs OE1
The Micro Packs OE1 are compact workstations adjustable in height, on three heights, which offer a temporary workspace to visitors and improve flexibility in every corner of the office, through a wide range of technological solutions and privacy screens.

OE1 Communal Tables
The Herman Miller's OE1 series of tables are minimalist worktops, equipped with three different heights, suitable to accommodate different work styles and different functions.

OE1 Nook
Nook is an individual workstation that ensures visual and acoustic privacy, promoting concentration and productivity, even in complex and large work environments.

OE1 Rectangular Table
The OE1 desk is an essential workspace, with a customizable design. The legs, available in different shades, are swivel and offer a rounded side and the other more angular.
Thanks to its clean lines, the desk can be configured as a single large space together with the others, or arranged in single mode, depending on the need.

OE1 Project Table
Un tavolo mobile leggero e versatile di Herman Miller, perfetto configurabile con altri elementi in zone di lavoro temporanee, per lavorare in gruppo in ambienti ampi come open space e sale meeting.

OE1 Huddle Table
A small and functional table with a rounded side, ideal for improving the view and creating collaborative spaces within the office. Especially designed to quickly share ideas between mixed groups, in person and remotely.

OE1 Storage Trolleys
Herman Miller's OE1 trolleys are designed to offer personal storage space and give you the ability to operate in an agile and flexible way. Thanks to an essential and minimalist design and a wide range of bright and neutral colors, the containers adapt and interact with the existing furnishings.

OE1 Mobile Easel
A mobile easel that transforms whiteboards and pin-up notice boards into mobile walls. Capable of creating flexible productivity spaces, project walls and temporary separations for the benefit of individual users or teams.

OE1 Wall Rail and Board
The wall rail and the wall-mounted blackboard or bulletin board, mounted in the project rooms and along the perimeter of the offices, facilitate fluid collaboration, annotations and the interpenetration of ideas. Easily removable, they follow the work teams in different environments.

OE1 Movable Screen
An agile partition for flexible workspaces. The OE1 Movable Screen lets people set up and rearrange team spaces quickly. Part of the OE1 Workspace Collection.

OE1 Boundary Screen
The small fabric dividing screen allows you to define personal space within shared desks. It is equipped with a solid base fixed with a clamp and a hook to support bags and backpacks.

Maker Cup
A simple accessory, but of great functionality: the container for markers and other small tools, applied with suction from time to time where needed, for example on blackboards or notice boards.