AeronHockey Trophy

Once again the architects Pietro Carullo and Paolo Della Salda together with the collaboration of the architect Silvia Gerli, organized an extraordinary event outside the traditional framework.

In the fascinating courtyard of the Fonderia Napoleonica Eugenia, the 1st Italian edition of the AeronHockey Tournament was held in which 16 architecture studios participated. The lively and fun environment has given way to a beautiful sports competition. The race took place on a platform that resumed the shape of a hockey field with all its rules and played while sitting on the Aeron office chairs.

The first place was awarded by the Coima Image studio, which received 3 chairs for the Aeron office, while the second place went to 967 Arch.

The idea for the evening is the result of an initiative by Herman Miller who has been promoting this charity championship for over 10 years.

Inside the space, instead, together with the live music, were prepareted conversation islands set up with specific furnishings for hospitality, relaxation, and welcome.

... A brief reflection to remember how the physical and psychological well-being, in all its nuances, within the work spaces is always the starting point for every CARDEX project.