The works in the Milan MeVe building have been completed. The complex will house the Jakala headquarters, a leading marketing and digital technology company.
The redevelopment, designed by D2U (Design to Users), involves both the entire historical wing on Corso di Porta Romana – subject to approval by the Superintendency – and the 5 floors of the modern building designed by Caccia Dominioni overlooking Piazza Velasca, as well as to internal courts.
The space, designed by Jacopo della Fontana for D2U, is featured by a balanced mix of contemporary and traditional: suggestions generated by the shape and tradition of the places.
Interior design is based on the principles of the new WOW (Ways Of Working), integrating smart working concepts, spaces for socialization and concentration.
Sustainability is pursued in the careful use of materials, in climate and lighting comfort and in the presence of greenery.
The project was followed in synergy with the other professionals involved by the client: project manager Denis Venco, architect Luca Strada and interior designer Benedetta de Brabant.

Location Milano

Year 2019

M2 4500

Concept & Interior Design Arch. Jacopo della Fontana
Arch. Luca Strada
D2U Design to Users