The historical and registered building near the main train station in Rome, almost in the core of the capital, offers just a stretched layout with structural partitions along the corridors and several other constrains.

The first challenge the design team had to face, was to place into a thin slice of floorplan a reasonable amount of desk to fulfill the clients requirements.

The result is contemporary fit out that allows one of the world major Real Estate companies to express its brand and strength on the market. Also offering a variety of work settings, aligned with the smart working global mood.

The reception desk has been replaced by a welcome coffee area where clients can grab an Italian espresso and sit on a touch down table while preparing a meeting or relaxing on a stylish Italian couch. The CBRE logo is carved into a two color wall of moss that has the double function of decoration and noise reduction. The corridor becomes a meeting point with whiteboards where people can share thoughts and ideas spontaneously, without occupying meeting rooms unnecessarily.

The open space area has been kept rather simple, with high adjustable desking system and personal numbered lockers for desk sharing. All the meeting rooms, informal spaces, huddles, phone booths are equipped with video conferencing devices like any contemporary office requires.

Together with a kitchenette area there's as well a relax room equipped with fancy furniture just to …have a break!

Location Roma

Year 2017

M2 580

Concept & interior design e45

Photographer Matteo Zanardi