Hill & Knowlton

Elegance and simplicity are the two keywords that describe the new offices of Hill & Knowlton, a leading Italian public relations and integrated communications agency.
Situated in Milan, in a 350m2 space including 40 workstations and ancillary rooms, the office dons a total white look with red and black accents that reflect the company logo.

The offices have been designed to stimulate work interaction, minimising private offices and leaving plenty of space for comfortable open plan workstations, lounge areas and meeting rooms. Moreover, all communal areas are equipped with white boards to encourage brainstorming and the sharing of ideas.

Great emphasis has been placed on acoustics, both in terms of the choice of furnishings, through the use of sound-absorbing partition screens between bench workstations and cabinets with sound-absorbing doors, and in terms of the structural elements, such as carpeted flooring, a perforated gypsum ceiling and double-glazed movable walls.

Location Milano

Year 2016

Concept & interior design 967 architetti