Schneider Eletric

The Worklife Business Center of Schneider Electric, a leading company in the digital transformation of energy and automation, was conceived as a dynamic and contemporary environment that hosts both the commercial offices of the Emilia Romagna and Marche area, and a strategic Innovation Hub.
89 workstations were created in a collaborative and sharing environment open to local businesses, but also to institutions and in particular to the world of training.
The internal space, characterized by a large completely open area, creates the cue to become a place with the possibility of being modified over time with assigned workstations, sharing workstations equipped with locker areas and 8 closed offices that also host informal meetings and brainstorming.

Location Bologna

Year 2018

M2 1180

Project Team Cushman & Wakefield

Project Supervision Lamberto Agostini

Strategic planning Advise Paola Migliavacca

Interior Design and
Project Management
Eleonora Prassino
Eleonora Bellini